Political Clowns

The Donald is clearing the way as the head clown. All other republicans are stepping back and watching this man, who is fueling his own campaign and PAC, say all kinds of things that will ultimately unite conservatives and liberals in a unified mistrust of power and money.  

GOP polls

Meanwhile, squandering his wealth seeking political fame, his bankrupted fortune has become a smokescreen for his genuine bigotry and hate–the kind of ignorance that fits the formula for getting the poor and disenfranchised to join a Conservative party that neither recognizes nor supports them.  

Vote for None of the Above

What better way to clear your debt than by giving all of your money away to the vultures that feed on propaganda, media attention, and conspiracy. As if to suggest that if you feed the lions, they will prey no more…

Let’s take this opportunity to collaborate.  What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below.  

2 thoughts on “Political Clowns”

  1. He would do good in Fairfield Township politics. Lie, cheat, steal, destroy good people’s reputations, stack the positions with unqualified political cronies; hell Mike, all politicians are alike. Glad that you aren’t a politician, you are just a good guy that thought he could bring good to the township just as I was for my three years. You get tired of fighting idiots and unfortunately depart for other pastured areas.

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