In the Friend Zone (a short read)

After posting what I thought was an interesting satire about relationships on my Facebook wall, a friend ignited a rage in me. I don’t care for the expression “feeling some kind of way” but there may be no better way to say it.

Women and men approach relationships differently. Not every man approaches a woman with the intent of starting an intimate relationship.  Cautious men are perceived as too delicate, too polite, or too shy. How much caution is needed to say hello?  Cautious men, because they are not assertive, are successful making friends, but not much else.  As a result, they end up in the The Zone. The Zone is often a point of no return.  How does one navigate around the Zone?


Trying to navigate through the “friend zone” after a friendship is established is painful.  A fellow once claimed on social media that women want a REAL man, but he proclaims that he is a Gentleman and waiting to be recognized.  Gentlemen will find themselves in the Zone more often than anyone else.  We don’t consider ourselves to be entitled.  We are humble and accepting.  Some of us will leave this world the same way we came into it–not naked, not cold, but alone.  What is misunderstood about the Zone is that it can be a safe, comfortable place.

Defending the Gentlemen in the “friend zone” is not a difficult task. After all, we are not under attack.  To the contrary, we’re barely noticed and certainly not a threat to the REAL men making moves.  But are they making moves or merely making noise?  Is that passion?  I’m passionate about the Zone because that’s where I’ve spent most of my time.  I was fortunate enough to fall in love instead of being sentenced to the Zone.  But the Zone is a happy place that I share with the rest of my Lady friends who are comfortable to be there with me.   It takes a certain level of maturity, security, understanding and compassion to withstand our type of relationship.

Would you like a more detailed version of this story?  Check this out:  In the Friend Zone

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