Purged redux!

The citizens who have not engaged in a righteous civil rights struggle since the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and Malcolm X are learning how to successfully develop a meaningful call to action.  The Constitution that all officials have sworn to uphold has been revisited and challenged since it was penned.  The citizens who were once considered the minority have become the majority, and the over-privileged panic to maintain their wealth.


There are various ways to explain the condition of poverty:  poor in wealth, poor in spirit, and (and this case) poor in authority.  Since the confederate flag came down, the nation’s eyes have been primed for a revolution. Starbucks made a preemptive attempt months ago when it suggested we talk about race, but the market could not tolerate such a “controversial” topic.  The past 60 days have been a warning to the world.  We are a nation that was heralded for it’s democracy and liberties.

And now the law enforcement community is being targeted.  Again our own president has not addressed this change in tides which has worsened the problem.  Silence speaks volumes.  Presidential candidates have taken aim at the injustices by mocking, mimicking, and eluding to the “good ol’ days” when people knew how to stay in their lanes and not demand so much of their government.  This mockery itself has ensighted violence amongst “passionate” followers of the leading presidential candidate.


“Them verses us” is slowly becoming the chant as this as we divide ourselves in this beginning of the end.


Today marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year.  What will our children learn as their teachers uncover an evolving world–a world fueled by lawlessness, social media, and politics that is only avoidable if they shut the world out completely?  How do we move forward while ignoring the present and running from the past?

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