She said that she’s ready…

Last week I sought out a friend.  She told me that she was tired.  In her words she explained that she’d wished that the Lord would just come and take her.  Her heart was heavy and her body was weaker than it had ever been before.  Although she was able-bodied, she wanted to be finished with the work, the stress, and the aggravation that surrounded her.

I wouldn’t dare debate her.  I recognize the responsibility to intervene, but I also understood the value of listening and offering support.

Weeks prior, I made a similar comment, “I can’t wait for the end to come.”  However, when I said this, I knew in my heart that this was NOT a cry for help.  It was an acknowledgement of the signs of the apocalypse and an awareness that these problems were not going to correct themselves.   I understand that I am the change that I want to see.  But I also know my own limitations, and these current events represent circumstances greater than me.  I can’t fix them.  I can only watch and pray.  I pray that the Lord’s Will be done.  I know how the story ends.  I am anxious.


For anyone else to hear my story might suggest that I might be too anxious.  I am not.  I am patient.  I have watched and I have seen these circumstances before.  Daily, I am learning more about the past.  History is being rewritten.  The truth is being told.  These are exciting times!  However, to hear my friend speak caused me to reflect on my own words.  Are our concerns aligned?  As she’s old enough to be my mother, I call her my sister because, not only does she guide me, she is willing to be my friend.  She doesn’t preach (normally).  On this day though, she was prophesying her own fate. I was concerned.  When the faithful loose their faith…?


As the sun sets, it rises elsewhere.  An end is not a finality, but the beginning of something new. Perhaps my friend was not praying for an end as much as she was eager for a beginning.  However, she was not eager to return to her beginning (to redo a life of passionate experiences); but a new beginning where she can bask in the Lord’s Love.   This would be a place where time stands still and the worries of the world no longer exist; a place where evil has no meaning because it does not exist.  Is it delusional to long for such a place?   Are we not living our lives to eventually arrive at such a destination?

Some argue that we can have heaven right here on Earth.  Others argue that we must live a righteous life here on Earth to earn a place in heaven.  What about those who have no faith?  No ambition? No destination?

Like a child swinging in the park, our emotions waiver. We try to find reason in the world around us.  Absent God’s Word, we are lost.  Even when we are surrounded by our brothers and sisters in Christ, we fight what we know is right.  We want to live right but we want to do it on our own terms.  If ever there were a paradox…

We look for a constant.  The pendulum of daily circumstances offers us countless opportunities to get it right.  And with every right decision there is a (usually easier) option that we’ve omitted…yes omitted.  By skipping over the paths most traveled, we position ourselves to endure a harsher, more challenging route.  We become stronger.  We become bolder.  We become resilient.  We also become less emotional, less vulnerable, and more callous if we are not careful.

To exercise descretion, some may argue, is to waiver.  To deviate from the “right” course is to risk destruction.   And stopping along the way to contemplate allows for distraction.   Choosing the path that is right for you is the biggest challenge.