Truth In Our History Books

While sitting on a “race matters” panel at a local town meeting, the panelist were asked by a member of the community: what can WE do to change the curriculum? As a parent (and a non-educator) her voice resounded the frustration of so many of us. There is a resistance to “rewrite” our American history. But the TRUTH has not be told in its entirety.     
Aside from the racist tendencies to omit the truth from our most recently published textbooks, we urge our school board members across the nation to mandate a change in the way we teach social studies. During this election season, we encourage voters to demand that board candidates take this matter seriously! And we pray that the district curriculum writers be mindful of our united responsibility to our children.

Changing the way we perceive social studies instruction: 

UnCommon Core

What if… 
The deliberate degradation of the education system was a ploy to tear away the American fabric, to diminish democracy, and to establish a hierarchy of political control.
What if… 
Those who are implementing this strategy already recognize that to withhold education is equivalent to destroying opportunities. 
Without opportunities, our nation will be further impoverished! Without opportunities our children will seek alternative means to establish themselves and grow. Without opportunities, we will resort to violence!
This type of manipulation is incongruous to the constitution under which our current form of government is established. In itself it is tyrannous and will inevitably spawn a revolution of epic proportions.   

-m. Morton

Be The Change!

The onset of October 2015 has brought with it its challenges, but like the months prior we’ve seen the way we interact with one another evolve.  We’ve witnessed groups of people come together to mourn the passing of life.  We’ve celebrated the new lives created from the passion.  Embracing movements that demonstrate our love for mankind can blossom from our compassion.  

However, recent events have us reacting instead of planning. 

There’s so much going on that we can barely summerize an event with a sound bite before there’s another surge of violence or civil unrest.  The two are not mutual exclusive!  

Think globally, act locally.  The way we react to the world around us shouldn’t be so cynical.  Nor should it be cryptic!  

I feel!  I need…  I want a better world!  Not just for our children, but for me.  And it’s not just me who feels this way.  I bet you can relate.  

Aren’t we tired of individuals speaking for us?  Why are we not speaking for ourselves???  Aren’t we weary of leaders speaking at us instead of to us?!?

We ARE the change that we want to see. Even when we take a momentary break from the chaos, we do get involved when the circumstances become personal.  It’s not a question of “what are we waiting for?”   It’s a matter of how intense our response will be.  Whether we realize it or not, we ARE the call to action (CTA) of the “now generation”.  

And our response is assertive!   Whether it’s #livesMatter or #handsUp or #spreadknowledge, we move when we need to. Again, we are a unified CTA!  And when unified, we are an unstoppable force. We!  You & me.  

Thinking globally, we watch how the world is evolving.  Global economies, famine, and war…just to name a few of the evening news headlines…are events impacting us daily.  We have a role too.  How likely are citizens across the world witnessing our evolution?  

Integrity is defined by doing the right thing even when no one is watching.  

So let’s imagine that no one is watching, just for a moment.  Below is a photo of a tag a local vandal left for us.  No dignity in it, but deep within there is promise.  We are watchful, yet hopeful. We want to catch the vandal.  But not to punish him! We want give him an opportunity.  We are building, decorating, and re-creating.  

You see, this is the wall of our new home, the new Boys & Girls Club of Vineland.  It was donated to us, and we love it!  We love it’s hope. We love what it represents: a promise that we are making to the community and to ourselves.  We want every child, every teen, and every adult who wants to improve our community to join us.  We want you.  
Thinking locally, I recall an opportunity to join something bigger than me–somewhere better than where I’ve been. With an invitation to a celebration for our children and our community, I attended the Boys & Girls Club’s banquet. I witnessed young people dressed in formal ware not only enjoying the accolades but facilitating the event! A year later I’m a proud board member. I ask you to join us this year to witness for yourself the sheer awesomeness. 

We ARE the change!  We!  You and Me!  Let’s demonstrate that our love for mankind can blossom from our compassion for others. Let’s plan something great!  Let’s do something bigger than Us!

Indigenous People’s Day

 At the rate of social change and our ability to collectively organize and create change, I am hoping and praying that this Columbus Day 2015 is the last Columbus day that we recognize. I pray that on this day next year we will be paying homage to the indigenous people who collectively and selflessly saved Columbus and his crew from themselves. Like and share if you believe that we should rename Columbus Day to “Indigenous People’s Day”