not wrong, just write

What if there were no wrong in the world?  I mean beyond what you and I may perceive as wrong (or right), what if all of this is the way it’s supposed to be?  A perfect balance between good and evil that is perpetuated to prevent either from destroying the world.  Too much good would result in a heaven fit for everyone, and too much evil would transform this world into a living hell!

Sometimes the righteous are so convinced that their  beliefs are correct that it pains them to even consider an alternative.  Those who seek righteousness look for a model either in a higher power (God), an example in mankind (Mother Theresa), or in scriptures (Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, etc).  A road map, if you will, is needed to see where we are and to plot a course with new discoveries along the way.  Our destination is never ReALLy predictable though.

The meek will inherit the earth.  Yes, it’s scripture to those who believe.  But to others is proverbial.  It’s an expression open to interpretation…as is everything!  This world is what we make of it.

True story:

When I was in 9th grade, I had a revelation that was struck down by the “smartest”kid in the class.  Naturally her uniqueness, flowing hair, and witty comments had my attention.  And because she was smart, she made ME her boyfriend (chuckling sarcastically).  Sitting beside her in the lunch room was her good friend and admirer whose personal circumstances were far different.  My girlfriend was very accomplished by her freshman year in high school and was on course to being the valedictorian and an IVY scholar.   Her friend however would eventually need to leave her mother’s home at age 16 just to protect her right to finish high school.  Two very different women…

I sat across from them both in lunch.  The conversations were typical of teenagers in the 80s.  MTV, Twin Peaks, and the newest rap song that our parents feigned.  One day I had an epiphany.  Before I thought it through fully, I spoke.  “What if everything that is happening is supposed to be happening?  What if we are getting what we deserve in life even if we don’t like it, even if it is unhealthy, or EVEN if it kills us…?”  My girlfriend kicked me under the table.

“Wha!?!”  I yelled in pain.

She motioned to our mutual friend sitting with us who immediately looked embarrassed.  As if I had said something wrong, I tried to clean it up, but didn’t know how.

“…er…I mean what if the things that are happening now will correct themselves is some way, without our intervention?”

My girlfriend was NOT pleased.  But our mutual friend looked on with mild interest.  I continued, “what if every good thing that is happening now will be countered by an equally unpleasant thing sometime later in life?”

The scholar put a stop to the conversation at once before my though could evolve.  Later in the day she pulled me aside and explained that type of talk is hurtful.  She warned me that I shouldn’t cast my beliefs out like that because it’s simply unfounded (yeah she spoke like that in the 9th grade).

Fast forward to the present.  The scholar attended an IVY as predicted and went on to get her PhD. Our mutual friend is a mother of five, wife, educator, and the greatest person you could ever know.  I’m glad that my girlfriend was wrong.  I suppose I’m glad that I couldn’t predict the future, but I’m more pleased that I didn’t fully abandon my theory.

I am glad for insights in my youth.  I am hopeful that things in our lives improve.  I’m mindful of the balance in life.  And I am grateful we are sharing these experiences.













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