Age of Indifference

I’ve paid closer attention in the past 36 months to current events, religious prophets, and government conspiracy.  Certainly not in that order though…

In my personal relationships, I’ve tried even harder to develop trust.  In my professional relationships, I’ve garnered a mutual desire to reach a common objective.  It’s my religious growth that has me wondering if we have entered into an age of indifference.

Collectively we’ve witnessed empathy dissolve into apathy.  Yesterday’s mass shootings have become today’s headlines repeatedly.  And yet change can not come swift enough.  Have we arrived at the end of days?

I sampled a few of my friends to see if we were observing the same worldwide discontent (because this is more global than national).  We are seeing the same things.  How could we not?  We are plugged into the same social media.  We are watching the same nightly news.  We don’t read print periodicals any more.  Instead we get together weekly for our cups of coffee with eggs and steak to contemplate how the world is reacting to events that are unavoidable, un-ignorable, and have for too long been under reported.

indifference 4

My question is, “do you think these are the signs of the end?” The answer is frequently, “yes!” But I can’t just leave it at THAT.

“Are you ready?” I ask this question with caution.  I don’t want a canned response.  Nor do I expect a candid answer.  What I get far too frequently is a resounding “No!”

And to this, there is never a retort.  I offer, “Well…I am ready.” No response. No worries.  No argument.

In a world like this, there are only a few ways to be ready.  Each religion has a different (yet similar) interpretation as to why these things are happening and how this will all end.  Religious zealots will assure us that this is all apart of the big plan.  But try explaining that to the political leaders, the soldiers they employ, or the corporate entities that they empower.

The leaders, the soldiers, and the corporations have one very important thing in common.  They take no responsibility for their their actions.  The leaders blame the electorate.  The soldiers blame their commanders.  The corporations blame the all-mighty dollar!

Well, we spent the money.  We misuse and abuse our purchasing power. And then we destroy what we’ve spent millions to build.  Am I being too vague?  Google American Riot.  Then google Black Friday.  The images alone tell the story.

We enlist (and take the wars to the streets…i.e. Ferguson, Chicago, New York, and now San Bernardino?).  We either become the soldiers or we fight them.  Tell me this is not a revolutionary war and a civil war all mixed together!  Where is our era’s Thomas Paine?  Common Sense?  Samuel Adams!  Where will we read the next great manifesto?   We wont!

And the leaders…

We elected the leaders by default.  By failing to participate in the process, we condoned the fleecing of our nation.  But let’s keep it real–even for those of us who were passionate about our political advocacy, we long for more change.  We will not be satisfied until we are full.  Full of ourselves. Until our cup runs over–until we are stuffed!

indifference 3

We no longer take the time to read–or at least reading more than one source.  We only discuss what we ourselves believe to be true.  We refute the claims of others.  We shun the nay-sayers just as we ignore the dreamers.  But we want change?  But we cry for freedom?  But we long for innovation?!?

We want it all.  We’ve stopped working for it.  We want it all, and we want someone else to give it to us.  That’s not liberal, and that’s not conservative.  That’s just wrong!

We’ve entered an age of apathy…an age of indifference.  The cry of our people is “It is what it is!” Our motivation is personal, only when the attacks are personal.  And we are offended far too easily.  This world war is eminent. It’s been brewing in our hearts for years.  “Are you ready?”

indifference 2


One thought on “Age of Indifference”

  1. Once AGAIN…very well written ☆♡☆♡☆! 🙂 I agree sadly & wholeheartedly…we love in EXTREMELY indifferent times. But THANKS be to GOD, we as Christians have the opportunity now more than ever to shine the light of Christ with passion on the sinsick and dark world.

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