Caught up in the YoDa…

I was perusing my email this Saturday before Christmas.  I’d already noted that my (education advocate) role models and gurus were already announcing the beginning of their winter breaks.  I, on the other hand, am balancing my tutoring assignments with my classroom responsibilities that will officially end the day BEFORE Christmas Eve.   Ah, that’s when I start MY Christmas shopping.  
Shall I take joy in knowing that I won’t be purchasing as many gifts this year?  Will my heart be eased knowing that I’ve waited too long to send Christmas cards (again)? Truth be told, the only time I have to do these holiday “requirements” is when I’m not working.  And I’m working far more than I should be…
And so I’m taking a few minutes for me this morning to…catch up on email.  Smh.  Not the most effective way to “relax” but I’ll certainly feel better know that I accomplished SOMEthing.  

Who am I kidding???   I’ve got 678 unopened email in that one account alone. All the junk mail gets sorted to another email account entirely).  I never got this much correspondence before the Internet was invented.

Perhaps I should email all my holiday greetings in a show of complete disregard for social norms and traditions.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep Christ in Christmas!

At best, I sort my email into dozens of folders, hoping that I’ll one day find the time to read similarly subjected emails (that will no longer be relevant).  I come across a newsletter from Medium, a blog site to which I’ve recently started submitting. Submitting is my therapy. Reading the blogs of others is less of a priority.    I’ll repriorize in the new year.  

I figure that if I just look at it before I delete it, at least that positive energy from my fellow bloggers won’t go to waste.  I was certain that one title read White Woman Writes Yoda Essay but I was weary-eyed. Yoda is my favorite character!   There’s so much marketing going on. Who could focus on just one character? I’m caught up in the Star Wars Saga!  What can I say?!?

So I click the link. I had figured that the blogger was going to jot some Yoda-like prose.  It would but amusing.  I was intrigued, so I clicked on the link.  Skimming through, I found no simblance of the wise one. 

I read on expecting disappointment.  I was almost disappointed that there was no disappointment.  There was a message that I needed to see.  Not Yoda wisdom, but Yoga wisdom!!

I am not a particularly a fan of any type of physical activity.  However, I embraced the authors position.  The activity is not as important as the thought process (at least that’s what I took from it).  

I’m changing my thought process to be more accepting.  Recognizing that my impact on the world will never be as important as our collective impact.  But I should force it.  I should breathe.  Breathe. 

Breathe, you must!
And got the record, as much as I enjoy being still while in the comfort of my own home, out in the world I am busy.  Too busy.  This business neither strengthens muscles nor burns calories.  I’m changing the world in an attempt to keep the world from changing me.  I need to reciprocate–flip it.  

I’m not waiting for New Year’s!   I’m starting now (a week early).  Smh.  Today, I’m not the change I want to see in the world.  I release.  I breathe. I am. You are.  We are…   

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