Role Reversal


the fear of the known is far greater than the fear of the unknown…

For too long I’ve figured that I would proceed with caution. Things I could not see, those things I could not predict, and those things I could not know prevented me from moving forward with confidence.  It was the evidence of things not seen that prevented my progress. 

I heard the other day that “it is not the things we know or the things that we don’t know; but the things that we don’t know we don’t know.  

“You are only as strong as your weakest image.”  My sixteen year old daughter reminded me of this moments ago.  
Wisdom comes from some of the least predicted sources.  

Time is of the essence, and yet the theory of relativity suggests that putting your hands on a hot pan can make a second feel like an hour, but hands on a hot woman can make an hour feel like a second.  

ClichĂ©s will only propel me so far.  Everything I’ve lost has been replenished.  My passion, my assets, and my time all have an intrinsic value.  I’ve lost so much so often with such positive results, my self image is all that holds me back.  

I’ve witnessed things I shouldn’t have–things that would create doubt and worry in others.  But MY faith, paired with my certainty… I’ve been chosen to use my gifts!

You can’t see it. But for those things I’ve not seen, I feel.  No explanation necessary.  Believe it or not.  The less we see, the more powerful we are.  

It is those things the mind can see that offer perimeters and limitations.  To truly be limitless, we must close our eyes…and open our minds. 

Witness without becoming a witness. I mean, let’s not rely on what we see to define what we can (or can not do).  

Now, it is the Evidence of things unseen that propels me. (Hebrews 11:1). We are limitless once we change our perspective.  

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