Stop Normalizing Bigotry

Just like we shouldn’t have to wait for New Years to make a resolution; and we don’t have to be born again to have a new life; and we don’t have to wait until tomorrow to give up hate.

It’s a misconception to believe that absolutes are the basis for misunderstanding. Nor are misunderstandings the foundation for hatred. For some, their hatred is directly connected to a personal experience that plays over and over in their mind.  The fear and inability to predict what is to come;  the angst and the anxiety…

There are so many catalyst, there can be no absolutes.

Sexuality, race, culture, creed.  No matter where we are in the world there is someone willing to hate us because we are not like them.

Sadly there’s no amount of education, exposure, or assimilation that will remedy all of the bigotry.

The way things were and the way things are and the way things will be

There will always be someone or some circumstance that separates us.  And instead of erasing the barriers or removing the walls or pretending that the differences do not exist, let’s do something different.

Starting today let’s stop normalizing bigotry. Although it will never go away, let’s not make excuses.  Although it will never go away, it’s not ok.  Although the other norms of the world like the rising sun or the freezing cold can be respectively inevitable and predictable, let us not embrace bigotry.

Let’s not justify it or rationalize it.  There are forces in this world that capitalize and actually exploit it.  Let’s not excuse it, it’s not ok, let’s not embrace it. Let’s stop normalizing bigotry.

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