Saying No To The Power Ball

Avoiding pop culture or hot topics is something that I choose to do, but escaping the pondering of every big-eyed, hopeful who believes that $1 billion will fix all of their problems is well…impossible.

Why in the world would I buy a Power Ball ticket?!?

Is there something written across my forehead that says that I will overlook the hypocrisy, lunacy, conspiracy of it all?

Buying a ticket or participating in the pool at any of my five jobs only puts me in direct competition with the people I share my time.  Knowing that the odds of winning are slim will    allow us to comfort each other inevitably.

I can’t manage the little bit of money I already don’t have!  What of the billion times more than I have in my coat pocket right now?  I’ve already got too many companies in my pocket with demands from bills and past debts.

My pastor once told me years ago that “there will always be an electric bill”.  I think he said this a few moments before the collection plate was passed around (for the third time). I don’t attend that church anymore–but not for want of more.  For want of less, in fact, is my current mantra.

In theory, wouldn’t winning the lottery obligate me to a ten percent tithe?  Why don’t we ever hear of that?   Why don’t we ponder the required 33% that will be jacked by the government BEFORE the jackpot is disbursed? No!  But we conceive of the notion of how we will accept our payment.  Annuity or…?

I thought that the lottery was supposed to be a fundraiser.  I thought it was to benefit “older Americans” or state education funds!   Am I the only one who feels lied to?  Bamboozled!   I heard six months ago that one state has become insolvent and unable to pay its lottery obligations.   Imagine that!!!!

“Win the lottery, and die the next day.”  Isn’t it all ironic?

I’ve given up so many vices in the past few years, it seems ludicrous to entertain an indulgence now.  Given up?  Wait!   Some vices, I’ve never pursued.  But to win the lottery….

When I was young in my “walk” I’d ponder.  What if every American invested their faith and/or hard-earned dollars into the church (or some other community trust)?  Collectively we’d all be better off.  My theory was to write a $50 check weekly and watch it grow.  Perhaps if I’d put it in the bank instead of donate it, I’d be better off financially.

Who am I kidding?!?   I’d have spent it!

Well today I lived a fantasy.  I pretended that I won the lottery (or at least behaved like I had). I told my boss to fuck off!   It was liberating!   Haven’t you ever wanted to do that?   Yeah!  My boss was surprised too!   I didn’t even elude to my lottery winnings, nor did I tell my co-workers why.  I walked back to work space and carried on like nothing had happened.

Later on in the day, I cleaned out my accounts and boarded a jet.   One of my friends texted me, worried that I hadn’t taken her calls in days.  I replied that I’d catch the evening’s rants from the State of the Union Address on YouTube, as the captain switched on the “fasten seat belt” sign.  I had a window seat on a red-eye to Jacksonville.   But I won’t say which one.  I mean, you know why.

I’m not sure if I’ll be back tomorrow.  I’m sick of this shit!   I didn’t even buy a lottery ticket.  And I feel like I’ve already won.

One thought on “Saying No To The Power Ball”

  1. I like that….acting like you already won….and in theory we have won the lottery….we’re given another day, new mercies, new grace every day….surely that is worth more than 1.5 Billion !!!!

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