Busted Windows, Broken Hearts!


Have you seen this video?  This guy from Boston suffers at the hand of his ex girlfriend. My best friend, who happens to be an amazing person, posted the video on my Facebook page.  She commented, the good ol’ days.   

At first, I was was reluctant to approve the post. My own wounds still fresh, I didn’t want to witness someone else’s pain.  I am trying to get back to a civil mind after what I would like to call a “transition” out of a long relationship.  

I don’t end my relationships well, but rarely do they end in violence, police reports, or restraining orders.  But not every one is as fortunate.   

It takes a lot of passion to feel so strongly.  An end to a relationship could be a blessing to both parties, I suppose, if it’s consensual.  

My divorce attorney once asked me why my ex-wife felt so passionate about doing me in.  He hadn’t seen many cases like mine.  My wife filed and aggressively pursued the divorce, but citing nothing more than irreconcilable differences.  But the compensation that she sought…?!?   Wow!

After much consideration, the best I could figure was that when she left, I didn’t chase her.  I believe my last words were “don’t let the door hit ya in the…”   

I suppose we all want to be loved.  We all want as much love returned as we unselfishly give. Is that selfish in itself?   

We want to be wanted or even chased.  We want to be noticed and thought about, but not so much that we have to worry about being stalked or need to seek a restraining order.  

We want attention and respect.  We want to share each other’s time and…dreams. 

And when that can no longer be had, it goes sour FAST!

We process the disappointment in various ways.  Sadness, anger, rage, or even numbness.  The disbelief!  The strain to understand can be painful–so painful that we can’t think clearly.  

Do you suppose that’s what happened here?

(Click the link below)

Bust the windows out your car!

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