This week we get our first glimpse of the Nominees.  

Along with so many parts of our culture, the diverse groups that make our nation’s composition have something to say.  Our opinions are as diverse as our ethnicities.  We are not at all surprised at the pop culture, the current events, or the news.  Why?  Because it isn’t NEW.  Every day we accept a different slant on a “news” story that we’ve heard dozens of times.  We’ve become accustomed to the facts that there is injustice.  But our lack of action is not acceptance.   We haven’t yet determined the appropriate response.  

The rule makers are comfortable even in their own atrocities. Mistakes happen. There’ve been miscalculations and oversights.  This week Flint, Michigan.  Last week Chicago, Illinios.  Missourri, New York, Maine!  It’s not an urban issue or an ethnic issue as much as it is a human issue.  What? You think these problems are unique to our hemisphere??

And with technology and the ability to communicate firmly within our grasp, we are creating more problems than solutions.  Our discontent has become our prime time entertainment. Our reality has become virtual and vise verse.  

This week’s injustice can be summed up in the nominations that we herald as the best that our film industry has to offer.  This disappointment will certainly be mimicked in February and March when the American Music Awards, Golden Globes, Grammy’s, Tony’s nominations are revealed–only to be magnified when the final results are televised. 

Whose world is this?  

The world is yours! Who is making the rules?!?

I’d argue that the rules are wrong, but wrong for whom? The elitist revel in our discontent. They mock us when we set our own standards and create our own (award shows). When we rebel they taunt us and condemn us. When we get our own, the burn it down.  

The more I think about it, the more I realize that the system that we criticize is a system that we helped build.  Be it by forced labor or discontent, we must take some responsibility. And speaking of responsibility, it would be irresponsible to omit the hard work of OUR forefathers that have brought us this far.

But our discontent is growing and the others see the powder keg preparing to explode.  Hence the tenseness.  The others know that the status quo can’t be perpetuated.  They see the discontent, and feel it too.  We are ALL saddened by the path this road has delivered us. 

What we need is a new plan! And with great minds and our ability to form and shape our own existence, we can mold a BETTER world.  

I’m ready!!! Who’s with me?

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