3 Simple Ways To Start Your Day

It’s a chilly Sunday morning, and you are resisting the need to get out of bed. An hour ago, you squinted and noticed that the sun had already risen. You pulled the covers over your head and thought “5 more minutes…”

Your awakened body becomes more alert to the sounds around you.  Birds chirping, family pets stirring, or maybe traffic making its way down an adjacent street.  Ugh!  Sleep?!?

The struggle is lost.  Awaken you must.  Alas this battle makes way for endless opportunities.   Today is a new day!

The first thing to do is recognize that is a NEW day.  Everything we battled yesterday has been layed to rest. We have the option to wake those challenges up OR we can start anew.  Sadly not every unfinished project can be ignored, but we have the refreshed energy to take on a new perspective.

If you really want to maximize your day without dwelling too much on the challenges of yesterday, take this one simple step towards a positive day.  Count your blessings.  Waking up, breath in your lungs, blood rushing through your veins…   You’ve been given another chance. Another day!  A fresh perspective!

A new day starts with opening your eyes.

Now that you’re awake and brushing off the sleepy dust.  Let’s focus on the next step.  Some people get their shower at night.  Washing off the filth and aggrevation of yesterday’s madness. It’s as symbolic as it is practical.  However, the rest of us choose to get that shower first thing in the morning.  Gotta get the sleepy dust out somehow.

Because I have pets (and too many at that), I’ve got to move pretty quick once my feet hit the floor.  They know that their human is awake!  The challenge is to meet their needs before they decide to leave me new “blessings” all over my kitchen floor.

Robe and slippers on, out of the bedroom we go.  Charge!  Moving quickly towards our next goal invigorates our body.  We are as young as we feel.  The morning is that time of the day that your body has the most resources.  Get that body moving!   If you’re like me, get those pets out the door, hop in that shower, brush those teeth, oh and…don’t forget to charge up that belly with some dairy, grains, or fruit!

It’s your body!  Take care of it.

Now that hygiene and routine morning responsibilities have been addressed, what’s your next step? What’s your plan?  You’ve got to have a plan.

Sometimes my mourning routine will include taking a moment to reflect.  I’ll pick up my phone, check for missed texts, Facebook notifications, or news stories.  That’s going to be a tough habit to break.  But every day brings with it a new opportunity.  Let’s challenge ourselves to do just one thing different today.  Let’s make a plan.

Just one thing.  Make it small.  Make it meaningful.  Make it personal.  With each accomplishment, we will build confidence and determination.  You will not be alone.  For each person reading this, a new idea is blossoming.

Take a risk.  Share this with a friend.  Together we are building a better tomorrow applying our positive attitudes today. And it all started with us waking up and putting our feet on the floor.

At the end of this glorious day, there will be a feeling of satisfaction.  We will have laid one more brick on our foundation for tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be a better day because of the things that we did today.

I think Tevin Campbell said it best in this video.

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