Blessing in the Storm

This morning I sensed something above my head.  I heard scratching and then a rustling.  The dog barked, the cats scurried, and then I saw this squirrel fall from my roof. Out my window, I watched this seemingly confused creature of God hustle through the snow and climb the bark of a nearby tree.  

What could this mean?  What in the world?!?

The storm, no doubt, has changed our path. The months leading up to today caused more confusion than reason.  Heat in the west, floods in the south, blistering winds to the north, and here we are trapped in this debilitating snow!

Years ago a man gave a trial sermon that I desperately wanted to witness.  For reasons that I cannot remember, I could not attend the event.  His wife offered me a digital audio copy of the sermon days later.  I gratefully accepted and played it immediately.  I then put it aside knowing that I could appreciate it again later. 
And then I forgot about it.  Out of sight, out of mind.  

There have been trials in my life that have been a reflection of either poor decisions, failed recognition of the “signs” or a wavering faith.  Each trial or “storm” brought with it a destruction of what was.  It also brought (more than) a restoration on the other side of the storm.  

No matter how prepared we think we are, He is more powerful!  

And so as I sort through my preparations (for the next storm), I discovered this sermon amidst my emergency supplies.  When I found it a week ago, I hadn’t heard any weather predictions yet.  I did not know of the impending Blizzard.  

And yet…

He knew.  It is His storm!   He creates the devistation.  He placates the hearts that receive Him.  He restores after its done.  

Below is that sermon, prepared years ago; converted to a shareable format, and available for you on this Sunday morning that most churches are closed.  

Click the link below:

Blessings In A Storm

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