Ladies, who cleared your snow?


It’s not at all sexist to suggest that the men did it. Because they didn’t!  The Blizzard of 2016 brought with it some marvelous sights.  We were all connected by the endless stream of time-lapse photography, viral Times Square snowball fights, and winter wonderlands. But what of the other fantastic marvel?  Who is shoveling the snow?

As a man with many female friends, I have to expect that everyone of them is independent.  Not one called or texted to ask if I’d come rescue them.  Could be because my friends are wonder women.  Could be because they know that I won’t.  Either way the job got done–and no one waited for a dude to help out.  

The ladies in my life either have all-wheel-drive, four wheel drive, or front wheel drive.  The state of emergency was a mere delay.  They would not be stopped!   And when the calls began to roll in, it wasn’t to request my assistance.  It was to request my company.  Alas, this dude was snowed in.  Locked in!  Tight like Fort Knox.  No one was getting in and no one was getting out.  

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

I remember a time when the weather forecast brought about a balance of panic and comfort. The panic resulted in rushing to the grocery store.   The comfort came knowing that the family had its provisions.  

Mom cooked and baked. Dad watched the Weather Channel. And the kids played bored games (aka board games) until the snow had fallen.  And then…  Everybody went outside to play.  Everybody, but mom.  

Now mom watches enough news to know that the storm is coming.  Shopping?  Check!  Rock salt?  Check!  Shovels, snow suits, gloves, and hats!  Check, check, double check!  Dad is either playing on his phone, watching YouTube on the laptop, or consumed by the dreaded Xbox.  

Mom still cooks and bakes.  Kids still entertain themselves, except this time they are playing on their mobile devices or video games (separate from Dad). And Dad…

This year, mom didn’t wait to be rescued.  Mom didn’t even ask anyone else.  She just did it.  Women across the land dug themselves out!  And then didn’t ask for anything else. 

One of my friends suggested that if her man wanted some cookies, he’d better get there and perform his duties!  Don’t ask how that ended.  

Fellas, the ladies have stopped asking.  You are no longer needed.  If you haven’t been putting it down, she’s not waiting for your lazy ass.  

As for me?  Well, I’m single.  No complaints, no expectations, no entitlement.   And it’s cold outside…

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