The Power To Stay, The Energy To Leave

When we feel that lull in our lives or that too-familiar melancholy, we know it’s time to change something. We know it’s time to move.  Whether it’s been a few years or a few months, we sometimes yearn for the next chapter to begin.  

It takes an emense level of power to stay in a situation that we’ve outgrown. Prayerfully our current setting is one that we’ve chosen.  But not always.  Prayerfully when we are ready to progress, we have the energy.  But that’s it!  We may think we are ready when we are not.  It’s rarely on our own terms.  We must be provoked.  We must be motivated.  We must be propelled by an energy greater than our own. 

And when we harness that energy, it’s amazing.  It’s mystical at first, magical in it’s delivery, and…satisfying.   

The energy that it takes to move to the next level is so much greater than the energy it takes to sustain the change.  Like a roller coaster, the force needed to get to the top is slow and building.  Click, click, click gradually running out…seemingly pushed to the limit.  But then the magic!  Predictable.  Not spontaneous.  Planned, calculated, and an outcome that possessed all the qualities that we anticipated (without an once more energy than we needed).  The climax comes a nanosecond before the drop.  

Falling sometimes wildly.  Dropping quickly,  with a force exponentially greater than anything that we imagined.  But it doesn’t last. 

It’s that energy that we are addicted to.  We will wait hours for a great thrill at an amusement park.  In life, we will wait weeks, months, years…for that thrill.  

In our careers, in our relationships, in our personal goals we can endure the wait.  But how long will we wait for the NEXT big thrill?  How much energy will it take for us to leave our current situation?  

The next chapter has probably already begun. Whether we realize it or not, life is continuing regardless of our participation.  Being still and patient requires power too. It’s called restraint.  The energy we reserve is building, building, building until…we release. 

Tomorrow is here.  We are more powerful than we were.  We’ve released, restored, re-done.  We get another chance, we do it better; and with less energy.  

Harder, better, faster, stronger!

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