I Got This

I used to think that having the same Christian beliefs with another one of God’s children immediately made us spiritually compatible. Lessons learned and faith built on more than the actions of people who are also young in their personal journey, I now know better. It is still comforting to know that I am not alone in this world. The struggle does not need to be a struggle. But pride mixed with human arrogance, distances us from our blessings. Instead of creating my own pieces, again I find myself discovering the pieces that He has careful left for us. There’s blessings in these pieces.



They’re the previous generation’s version of Angry Birds or Bejeweled.

But I must confess: I absolutely love them.

I rarely do them, because let’s be honest: every ounce of free time I have is devoted to BBB, but I do love a good puzzle.

So I make the kids I nanny for do them with me 🙂 hehe


But it’s really neat to watch the excitement in their eyes when they get a piece that fits.

Now, I’m just gonna be straight: I’ve got mad puzzle skillz. Yes, with a Z.

But I’ve done enough puzzles to know the method: edges first, then work your way in.

I know, I’m a pro 🙂 Hold the applause 😉


But kids don’t know this method.

So they’ll be like, battling exhaustively with an edge piece — or for heaven’s sake a corner piece — for like 5 minutes. So…

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