Who Comes First?

When we put ourselves before the world, are we putting Him behind us? Who comes first? 


Our priorities are fluid. They can change.  Priorities are inspired by a need. They can have a beginning and an end; or neither. Flowing, evolving, changing with the wind. They can be set by our family, our supervisors, or our God. Or we can set our own priorities!  When our relationship with God becomes a personal one, aren’t we allowing Him to set our priorities?   

Unless we reference the Bible in context, there’s no way to provide evidence to anyone else as to what our priorities will be. Even THAT has been problematic through the centuries.  The world wants to set our priorities for us instead. The world INSISTS on setting priorities for all of its inhabitants in the name of socialization, public safety, and community morals. Anyone who rejects the world, is cast aside, shunned, or exiled. 

“Anti-social behavior” is defined as criminal. Anyone who rejects social norms is ostracized or demonized.  Those who speak up are either alienated, destroyed, martyred…

Don’t believe it?  Take a look at any of the world leaders who brought about true change. 

The world will enlist conformist. The law will omit universal justice in exchange for a kind of democracy that empowers the majority over the needs of the minority. The voices of the minority go unheard or ignored. 

Justice or Just Us?


The United World works to prevent the whole world from uniting…in peace, in harmony, in love. It is the love of wealth, power, and opportunity by an elite few who’ve gained from oppressing the rest of the world. These gains have been exponential in the past two decades. And the only limit to this “progress” is the inevitable condition of running out of those exact resources we’ve exploited.

The money will run out. Fewer people are willing to work for less, and yet the demand for decent paying jobs has risen.  The feeling of entitlement is contagious and in fact prohibits us from meeting our collective goals.  But who cares, right?  “As long as ours is more than theirs,” some will say. 

This won’t last!  The oppressed will rise up. That slave mentality will die! How long will the world demand it’s way until it collapses under its own weight? How long will the world demand it’s way until it collapses under its own WAIT?

How much longer will we wait? Are we taking action? Who is setting our priorities?

Let’s not look backwards (for just a moment). Let’s look forward. How will we re-prioritize?

Are we going to do a new thing? Do you not see it? 

We are making our way in the wilderness. God is able to lead you out and through and to…

He is setting our priorities, but we must abandon the priorities of the world. He gives us the choice, however.  When we accept (whatever it is), it is His will.  That’s a tough pill to swallow in a world filled with non-believers, agnostics, and synics.

It’s going to be a monumentous event when we accept path that is not our own.  Setting new priorities….

Letting go is one of the most difficult things to do.  And yet, it’s the most rewarding.  

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