The Smudge

2016 is moving about quickly. The next chapter of my narrative has begun. I have forced my own hand which has caused time to morph. Is it standing still? Has it sped up? I’ve lost track of time entirely.

I overlooked the fact that lent had begun.

What sacrifice will I make? Well, what resolutions have I stuck with? It’s the change that I want to see–the person I want to be. Instead of continuously reflecting; instead of diminishing my own selfworth; instead of making it about me, I will value the relationship that I share with you. I thank God for you! When I see you, but especially when I don’t see you, I value you as God’s child. I will be less angry with the world. I will try harder to value each experience and perspective offered to me. I will practice being a better person. So when we see each other in passing in the street, at work, or in church, we will recognize God’s Love in each other.

Today, I reblog this as an example of God’s Love working constantly in our lives.


Ash Wednesday is a weird day in New York.


Because for really the first time during these blistery winter months, you actually look up andsee people.

Now, I know…that sounds bad. Like, what the heck? Who is this girl that she just goes around with her head in the clouds, not seeing people?

But it’s true. In New York, people commute –read: walkon a mission.Especially in the winter. You’re bundled up. Hunkered down. And you’re walking with purpose to get to where you need to go, as fastas possible, so you can get in out of the cold.


Or when you’re on the subway — You listen to your ear phones, look straight ahead, and try not to get in anyone’s way.

Welcome to New York.

"The Grumpy Guide To Life: Observations By Grumpy Cat" Book Launch Party


Ash Wednesday is a little different.

Because of a smudge of ash on your forehead.

Maybe it’s curiosity or…

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