Dear Future Wife, 

Dear future wife…. 
Expect nothing of me and 

I’ll give you everything. 

Compliment me–Not supplement me.
give me all the trust that YOU deserve. 

Want me first and I’ll want you forever.

Need me, and I’ll do everything I can

(and more) to meet those needs
My children… 

My children need a mother, 

and yet they already have another. 

I need you to support their father

loving children are worth the bother
Our home… 

Will be your home. 

Including everything that I’ve shown

Our wealth together will have grown

Love like this we’ve never known
We won’t just walk away
Our past relationships will make our future 



More valuable
My longing

My dedication

My desire

Are for you, the target of my affection
Moving forward together 

Our efforts will be combined

Our goals will be aligned 

Our bodies intertwined
I am passionate about you. 

Not looking for your imperfections…

Instead, treasuring each imperfection

Cherishing the resurrection…
Of our renewed faith in each other

More than just a brother-

More than just a sister-

-in Christ
Your love will be requited

Your smile, always invited

Genuine effort offered despite it

Never insecure, dedicated if
You are sincere in your devotion to me

Excuse me, miss

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