#90 Days

A lot can happen in ninety days.  I proclaim that a change will occur in my personal life. This should not be cryptic.  But the idea provoked inquiry and eventual disbelief.  But after writing this, even for me, it will be less vague. I am building faith.  

“Ninety days” is personal to me.  Amidst the raised eyebrows lays a story about how I arrived at my current condition.  My explanation is received with wonder and awe. Although my story will eventually become fodder for a series of short stories, blog posts, and a made-for-television screen play, I enjoy your interest in my journey.  

Imagine, if you will, that I was not supposed to be here. I was supposed to be dead.  My spirit was saved, my body was nurtured, and my mind was strengthened. 

Emotionally I was driven in to depression in my teen years.  But what teen isn’t? Like every teenager, I thought that I was different.  Impervious to the trials my parents warned me about. I resisted peer pressure. I turned my back to drugs and kept alcohol from my lips.  Because it was readily available to me and my peers, a concerted effort needed to be made.  The generational curse to which I was predisposed had nothing on me.

  I was protected!

 Removed from everything that I knew to be right, my twenties weren’t much better. Those whom I loved and trusted turned on me. I had to find myself (again).  I realized how lost I was. I found nothing inside. And they waited for me to end it.  That little bit of faith I had was just enough.  I survived unscathed, restored, and replenished.  

And before my fortieth birthday,  I was offered an opportunity to solidify my spiritual immortality– or so I thought. I evolved.  I grew. I learned to trust again. 

What does this have to do with #90 Days?  Everything!

The truth of the matter is that my soul had already been bought and paid for. Long before I was born, I was destined for greatness! I know this because I’M STILL HERE. My awakening comes on the cusp of my realization (through my experiences) that I am more than the consequences for my decisions.  I am!

Deep, right?  Maybe. 

What I am saying is that each day brings about new challenges. There isn’t anything on any given day that I can’t handle. The joy that comes from making such a statement is that the day that I’m wrong, I will no longer exist. And yet I find myself wrong daily (laughing). 

I suppose there actually is some balance in the universe. In any case, I am here because I am supposed to be. Where will I be tomorrow? In a week? A month?? 3??? 

I am making a 90 day plan!!

Some people set five-year goals. I am setting a 90 day goal. Ninety days from today, I will be in a different place. I will be better. I will be stronger.

I will be…

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