One of THOSE days…(what are thoze)?!?

Unsolicited advice, untrained counsel, incompetence, and unwillingness to take responsibility; pettiness, rage, negativity, and spiritual siblings using faith as a weapon to make digs…
Am I fighting for me, or am I fighting for you?   Cause I’m pretty sure you’re late to the boxing match, and I don’t need a cheerleader on the other side of the ropes.  

But watch what u say…   Cause there’s no silencing ME now! 

Ugh, what a day…

Exes wanna cry. “Friends” want to pry. Kids wanna be sly. Haters don’t EVEN try (it)!  
Yeah, today was one of THOSE days.  
What? You didn’t know? Don’t worry. Those who came for me ended up dazed and confused. Those who came for me will probably come for you too…cause you’re submissive;  whereas I’ve just had enough!  Sadly I know this routine too well.

I’ve been here before. 

I’ve been here MORE times than I’d like to admit.  Because my learning curve is slow.  And it doesn’t mean anything YET. I’m trying to do it better this time.  I keep repeating my mistakes (and retakes) until I get it right. #watchMe. 
Stupidity runs in cycles; pain is recurring. Hatred comes in many forms. Anger is burning.  

Those who despitefully use me know who they are, and they (the dynamic duo) just wasted a lot of time plotting and scheming. Those who stood by and watched will be next in line. Im done. I’m no one’s hero.  Good luck!

I can’t rely on anyone to back me up, because I’m the one they call to back THEM up.  Once a fixer, now I’m a breaker.  I break ice, I break balls!   I bust them when you swing for mine. 

 You thought I was the nice guy?  I thought YOU could be trusted.  Boy, were we wrong!  You didn’t let me down.  You let yourself down, and now I’m way….over here. 

O. C.E.L.O.T





I’m the LCD. You’ve got OCD, with a touch of O.D.D. (Check the DSM IV).  Our troubles won’t melt away.  We own them.  Drama?  Add the Comedy and we’ve got a show.  But everyone wants to come to the circus, no one wants to buy the tickets.   


I’m mad that you’re still reading this… You must thrive on drama too! 😱 But there’s no more for today.  Why?  Cause I didn’t open the envelope, fool. 

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