Thank you for showing me…

Thank you for showing me your good side first. 

Everyday I awaken to a fresher version of myself.  I evolve. I shed yesterday’s dead skin daily. My new self emerges, enriched by the events of a new day.  I learn.  I live. I love.  Conversely, I forget.  I die (a little).  I hurt. Are we not alike?

Everyday I show you what I’m made of.  I’m not holding anything back.  I know that tomorrow is not promised, so I’m giving all I’ve got.  I’m showing you my best.  Not much is hidden.  I’m an open book.  No time for deception or games.  I’m worth more.  And so are you. 

So thank you for showing me your good side first.  Not everyone does.  Instead, some people defend themselves as “guarded” and build walls to keep others out. They over-look the dangers of trapping themselves inside those same walls they’ve built. 

But not you…

Thank you for showing me what drives you–your hopes and dreams.  You’ve shared with me your fears and concerns.  I now know where you’ve been and where you’re going.  But your secret is safe with me. 

I figure that you must trust me.  

You trust me so much that you’ve shown me your bad side too. Had you done that first, we’d have saved a lot of time.  I wouldn’t have stuck around long.  I can “do bad” all by myself, thank you.  I don’t need any help!  😱

Thank you…
So thank you for showing me your bad side too.  If not for your bad side, you would have no balance.
In the end, we hope to have more good days than bad.  We plan for the happiness and prepare for the unpleasant times.  And our character is revealed by how we handle those unpleasant situations.  

I guess what I’m thanking you for is…for showing me your character.  

Of all the things to love in the world, the human experience is the most beautiful.  Materials can be lost, beauty fades, and even character diminishes over time.  But the human experience is emotional.  It is personal.  It’s something we all posses (and can share).  

Thank you for showing me your character.  Your smile, your frown, your upside down.  🙃

Without you, there would be others; but with you there could be no other.  The existence of one takes the space of others.  The space you’ve taken is now unoccupied. And yet I thank you for showing me…who you are.  

Thank you for showing me…

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