My Anger Knows No Color

My anger knows no color! 

I grow more and more angry with every passing day. I recognize the anger, but I’m proud to announce that it never manifests into something destructive. Instead, it translates into a general disappointment in the way that I perceive the world.

After all, there can’t be anything wrong with the world! Everyone else who shares this world seems to be just fine with the way things are going. 

So it must just be me…

I’ll set my sarcasm aside for just one moment. Besides the zealots who either want to destroy the world or emphatically lobby for positive change, no one else seems to give a damn. We argue poverty versus wealth; lower-class versus upper-class–even race-baiting;  We fight a disgusting war that no one is likely to win.

My anger knows no color!

I repeatedly convince myself that I am dissapointed in this world (and angry with myself) for believing those things that the world is presenting as true. My intermediate gauge of discernment is all I can rely on now. 

None of this makes sense!

So please don’t be surprised when I don’t believe you. It’s not even a matter of trust anymore. Offering trust on the front end of any relationship (business, personal, or professional) is dangerous. I don’t trust my politicians, my leaders, or my neighbors. I barely trust my “friends.”

Anyone who has earned my trust has been around long enough to know how easily trust can be lost.
Believe me…
My lack of trust has nothing to do with the way you look. It has nothing to do with your demographic… Or your race… Or you’re standing in the community.  It has everything to do with your character. 

And so if you want me to be on board with you, you better be about more than mere words. I’m watching closely. When the actions don’t match the words, there will be a problem. I will not proceed with anyone with whom I cannot trust.

My anger knows no color!

And I don’t think I’m alone on this.  


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