It’s the end.  It’s over.  It’s a blessing. It’s the omega–the final word, the final exhale. 

And then with one more breath, it begins again.  With each end, there is a new beginning.  The ashes become dust, and the dust becomes the catalyst for new life. 

With every failed relationship, there is relief and a sigh.  There’s a long dramatic pause.  And then a fresh outlook.  

With every failed idea, a lesson is learned.  A brief sigh of relief–a debrief and a new beginning.  

Even something laid to rest has a chance to live again.  An idea, an opportunity, a friendship–all are an unfilled promise. 

“Energy can not be created or destroyed.  Matter can not be created or destroyed. Instead matter moves through the environment in different forms.”  My student becomes the teacher.  And this teacher is done…

…for today.

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