Two Roads …

Amazingly timely! The convergence of two roads…

There’s a high road and a low road. Their intersection reveals that they both commence at two very opposite origins. No doubt they will arrive at two very remote destinations. That intersection is all that the two have in common. That one moment in time that the two are connected…

And then there is the third road. A heavenly path! Lit by God’s sun, and not often evident unless we look closely, it is the road less traveled. Believe that it is the most direct, and yet the least sought.

We are blessed with choices. Seek ye first, the kingdom! Man made roads are distractions and less direct.


I’ll tell you a secret: for a little while I’ve been standing at a crossroads. Stuck fast.

Big, hard-edged life choices have always been difficult for me, with my watery, soft-smudged way of seeing the world, and this season is no exception. The roads are diverging for me, and whichever way I choose has the potential to drastically change my future.

I don’t know, I find myself saying often.

I don’t know.


The other day I was scrolling through the photo library of my old IPhone 4S — the one that I used to start this little blog, once upon a time — and I stumbled on this photo:

Down on the greenway near Carilion, at a bend where the trail meets the river, there’s a spot where you can stand under the intersection of three bridges: the railroad trestle, the roadway, and the pedestrian bridge. I was always…

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