Suspend the Rules

We deal in the “what if’s”

when recognizing how fortunate we are

We convince ourselves that there’s a single point

in our own personal history that our life changed

(for the better or for the worst)


But let’s suspend the rules

Let’s release…

Let’s offer the responsibility up to a force greater than our own.

Things happen!


We convince ourselves that things happen for a reason.

As intellectuals, we accept the premise of cause and effect.

Things happen…


…and we convince ourselves that we can take measures to prevent

…things from happening.


Be humbled.  Accept that we don’t know!


Not knowing IS ignorance,

But ignorance doesn’t need to be blissful.


The bliss comes from not caring.

But the bliss can come from gaining knowledge.

The bliss can come from the release.


The release of defeat.

The release of deceit.

The release of something sweet.

The receipt of…



…the knowledge that comes from wisdom

…the wisdom that comes from an awareness

…and the awareness that what we know to

be true…


…is WRONG.


Suspend your beliefs.

Slowly close your eyes.


Where are you now?

I’m reminded of the view out my window just 36 months ago. I recall the physical position I was in and the literal position I’d put someone else in.  I remember the act in which we were engaged, and how the view was very similar.  I remember the act was very beautiful.  I remember the denial (sans betrayal) of a sanctity that was an illusion.  

I remember the long trip.  I remember the journey towards familiarity and the arrival home.  I remember the relationships created along the way as I delete them one…by…one. 

It’s 5am.  I’m not calling.  There’s nothing left to say.  I’ve deleted the contacts, removed the tags, archived the letters, and folded the dirty rags.  

It wasn’t a lie.  Now I know.  The deception was not my own.  The reflection was joint endeavor–a partnership. It was an illusion–a magic trick at best.  But it’s been said that just because it’s magic doesn’t mean it’s not real.  

It’s realness permeates my soul.  My healing is in real time. It’s 5:30am. 

The light comes through the window of this hotel room of mine. It’s not the Weston, but a different frame of mind…

This time my children sleep next to me.  In a few hours, I’ll leave them behind as I go to facilitate change.  In the fantasy we created, I would lead a reform movement. Now I realize that I am the reform.  Before one can lead, one must learn to follow.  There IS nobility in knowing who to follow.  

Who will follow you?  Not I.  It wasn’t fun.  Those who followed me; they all began to run. Leadership is not about quantifying the movement; it’s about qualifying the purpose.  It’s about writing a goal down, making a plan, and taking action.  A trifecta that was never fulfilled.  ACTION…

Walking with purpose.  Leading with pride?  Preserving the dignity?  Indiscretions un-hide. 

It’s 5:45am.

Sometimes the reflection comes from the glare in the window.  Other times it’s the image in the mirror.  Often we see what we want to see.  Seldom we understand what is reflected back.  

What I saw then was a culmination of naiveness, trust, and a desire to be obedient. Now we have greater wisdom, descernment, and an understanding. Delayed obedience is disobedience.  

I’m grateful for a forgiving God.  For the God within myself is far more forgiving than the God in someone else.  

The flowers never wilted because the flowers were not real.  The dreams (given away with each compliment) could never be fulfilled.  I have to laugh just a little as a smile comes across my face.  

Everyone could see the truth except for the one in the mirror.  

This guy was enticed by another dreamer’s armor. With its shininess and polished exterior, I was mesmerized.  I could not see the chinks in the armor or the pushed-out dents.  The evidence of previous battles was concealed.  

No one else will be able to fully relate to my reflection. It’s clear that the only reflection we see in the mirror is our own. Is this why I keep fewer mirrors in my home? Do we avoid the reflection to escape the reality?

Or have we realized that even a mirror’s reflection is not real. In fact it is reversed.  

Linda, Retired from Michigan

Today is a great day!  Why?  Because I can count. But I can’t count high enough.  There are too many blessing to count.  I’d never be done counting.  I’d start with the fact that I woke up this morning (1).  Then I’d count the fact that my health is better than others (2).  I couldn’t overlook my beautiful and healthy family (3). I could go on and on, but it would eventually sound like I’m bragging.  

I am a humble man, and in my humility I am open to a world of criticism and/or praise.  My ego yearns for positive reinforcement.  Today was no different, except for…

Today I met Linda, retired from Michigan.  While chatting with Jocelyn from North Carolina, I began to editorialize and socialize and entertain. It was beautiful!  My audience was responsive.  My presentation was edgy and relavent. My audience attentively smiled and asked for more.  We were engaged and it felt natural.  

Most teachers are natural entertainers.  We are knowledgeable about social interaction and we are well versed on how to perpetuate a conversation.  We are always seeking that “teachable moment.”  It’s like a drug, but way more addictive.  

Linda, retired from Michigan, was also a teacher. She knows the struggle, and she continues to advocate for our students and the conditions that current educators struggle with routinely. 

She looked me squarely in the eye and said, “you should be a comedian!”  I kindly thanked her for the compliment.  And then I thought, maybe Linda, retired from Michigan, was right. 

This fired me up, I told three more stories.  Career, relationships, and parenthood…these would be my topics (my comic bits). My audience agreed.  So I embellished and tweaked each real story until one man laughed so hard. I thought he was going to need a doctor.  

When I began to bloggers ago, it was personal therapy and reflection.  But what better therapy is there than laughter? And I could provide a service to others???   THIS IS MY love language–affirming words and service towards others.  

Stay tuned.  

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Let the journey continue!


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