Reason, Season or Lifetime?

Joy Barnes-Johnson, Ph.D.

Ahhhhh relationships…for me I have learned to measure every human interaction with this question: is this person here for a reason, a season or a lifetime? It is an incredibly valuable question even though my actions never seem to change depending on my sub-conscious response. Whether at the beginning of the “thing” or the perceived end, I always commit…I know nothing less.

To contextualize, I will dance around a few songs…my happy place…

Reasons, the reasons that we hear
The reasons that we fear
Our feelings that won’t disappear, ooh
And after the love game has been played
All our illusions were just a parade
And all the reasons start to fade
La, la, la, la
After all our reasons why
All the reasons were a why
After all the reasons love was left aside

Ok…there are the strong sexual references but that notwithstanding the thought that love was cast…

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