S.e.X Spiritual is the journey from sensible to sensuality. Emotion is the presence of things felt but not seen. X symbolizes the crossXroads between the two.

Our vices serve a purpose. They allow us to relinquish sensibilities. From the thriving parts to the pleasure points, the temporary euphoria shifts blood-flow.

Despite the importance of not being distracted, centuries of coping with the tabus of idolatry have led us to a point when s.E.x is all around us. Our music, our clothing, our interactions, and our dances exude our essential spirit, emotion, and crossroads between right and wrong. It is in what we do, not say, that defines our character. All else is merely a flirtation with the truth.

In many cases, we are lacking our S. Our spirituality flounders.

In our perceived incompleteness, we search for what is missing. We overlook those things that are not missing—those things that reveal our true identity. Instead, we deny that we are already complete in our current state.

Without the Spirituality & Emotion, there are only crossXroads.

We search for what drives us. But if we are driven by our search, isn’t it “the quest” that drives us. Certainly, if we ever found what we are searching for, we’d be driven to find more.

But without the crossXroads, we are Spiritual & Emotional

We often lose focus of our goal. We make smaller goals along the way. We are spiritually fed by something artificial. We are temporarily satisfied. Still completely incomplete, yet wanting more. Our hunger is satisfied, but now we thirst.

For unlawful carnal knowledge, flesh without wine upsets the digestion. Consumption with presumption causes constipation and discomfort. To sit upon one’s thrown, a thin king is not THINKING, but contemplating the power he holds.

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