We Are What We Eat

Last night before bed, I ate a piece of string cheese. I hadn’t eaten much all day, so I figured a little treat might do me good. I shun proper nutrition habits because (like most things) I think they are simply fads. Without knowing the facts, I have decided to make my dietary decisions based solely on emotion. I am not alone.

I’d like to think that my added weight was a result of 15 months of COVID lifestyle changes. This has proven false by photos of me from 5 years ago which convey my robust shape. I’ve been eating what I want for years! I’m reduced to the choices in my cabinets. And since I shop based on emotion too, it’s a wonder that I’m not a walking, talking mound of sugar and carbs. I don’t have many mirrors in the house. I also don’t own a scale. My last visit to the doctor revealed that a lot more weight was needed on the counter-balance. But I’m ok with it.

So string cheese before bed, seemed like a better choice. But if we are what we eat, and I’ve eaten very little, why aren’t I…very little? Something about the body storing up fat or having an irregular routine is a warning that my choices are not good for me.

String cheese is compact. It can be eaten in various ways. I usually just chomp on it. This time I decided to peel it. Each piece was smaller and “stringier.” I savored it. It tasted nice. So nice, that I had to savor another. I refrained from having a third though.

The thinner the serving, the easier it went down in to my tummy. I wasn’t as heavy as that bag of gummy bears that I had yesterday. But that was then, and this is…well…this is then too. BUT, anyone can feast on a bag of goodies. But sting cheese isn’t designed to be shared. It’s a serving for ONE, and sometimes I have another ONE. Who would judge me for a healthier snack choice.

My bedtime snack will surely inspire pleasant dreams. Visions of cows jumping over moons, or wooly sheep leaping farmer’s fences. Sunflowers swaying in the breeze and fireflies brightening up the night, eyes getting heavy and the num num whispering of string cheese.

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