Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween

I do not celebrate Halloween

The day before, after or in between

Not mischief night, nor Day of the Dead

No candy nor skulls, nor pumpkin heads

Hallows Eve is not for me

No costumes, no decor, no lights that glow orangeee

But it’s not just October 31st that I don’t like

I also feign Columbus Day which is also a lie

I don’t do Thanksgiving with indigenous feathers

Nor pilgrims’ pale faces that exploited the others

Not Hanukkah or Christmas nor Kwanza neither

If I can’t teach one in class, I won’t teach either

Not Valentine’s nor President’s Day nor Easter

I’ll happily accept the days off but won’t get off my keister.

Now Mother’s Day, that one is important

But we don’t do much for Father’s, so mothers get nuthin’

Besides, they’re always on Sunday when there is no school

To put forth the effort, I’d have to be a fool.

Flag Day, nope! Veteran’s Day? Maybe

But the Pledge doesn’t happen, so maybe…


I’d do 4th of July, that’s always fun

But we’re never in school that day, so forgetaboutit, hun.

Labor Day is the last day of summer.

No celebration there.

Forgot about Memorial Day? I’d remember if you’d care.

That’s the thing though…

It’s a ring, so…

Around a Rosie

Pocket full of…


The ashes feel down

The year goes round,

not a holiday enjoyed

Not for little girls or boys

Who want to eat candy in class

On the Friday that’s the last…

In October

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