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You gave me something that you could take away.

You gave me…hope.

You made a promise.

You convinced me to love.


And then you took it away.

It was a planned removal.

A calculated risk.


A manipulation of trust.

A conception of sin

That turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to us.

The most horrid, mean-heated, demon-ization of our relationship manifested into the biggest blessing.

You left me.  And I’m grateful.



Suspend the Rules

We deal in the “what if’s”

when recognizing how fortunate we are

We convince ourselves that there’s a single point

in our own personal history that our life changed

(for the better or for the worst)


But let’s suspend the rules

Let’s release…

Let’s offer the responsibility up to a force greater than our own.

Things happen!


We convince ourselves that things happen for a reason.

As intellectuals, we accept the premise of cause and effect.

Things happen…


…and we convince ourselves that we can take measures to prevent

…things from happening.


Be humbled.  Accept that we don’t know!


Not knowing IS ignorance,

But ignorance doesn’t need to be blissful.


The bliss comes from not caring.

But the bliss can come from gaining knowledge.

The bliss can come from the release.


The release of defeat.

The release of deceit.

The release of something sweet.

The receipt of…



…the knowledge that comes from wisdom

…the wisdom that comes from an awareness

…and the awareness that what we know to

be true…


…is WRONG.


Suspend your beliefs.

Slowly close your eyes.

Rise & Shine

Rise and shine, and give God the glory, Glory…

Before I awaken my resting Angels 
Before I walk out this door 

And inhale the air outside

I pray the Lord keep them by His side
We are blessed to have

each and every soul

That is in our lives

I pray He protects each of us

That He keep us

That He humble us

Empower us

Through wisdom

And Hope.

Through Faith

And Love


Linda, Retired from Michigan

Today is a great day!  Why?  Because I can count. But I can’t count high enough.  There are too many blessing to count.  I’d never be done counting.  I’d start with the fact that I woke up this morning (1).  Then I’d count the fact that my health is better than others (2).  I couldn’t overlook my beautiful and healthy family (3). I could go on and on, but it would eventually sound like I’m bragging.  

I am a humble man, and in my humility I am open to a world of criticism and/or praise.  My ego yearns for positive reinforcement.  Today was no different, except for…

Today I met Linda, retired from Michigan.  While chatting with Jocelyn from North Carolina, I began to editorialize and socialize and entertain. It was beautiful!  My audience was responsive.  My presentation was edgy and relavent. My audience attentively smiled and asked for more.  We were engaged and it felt natural.  

Most teachers are natural entertainers.  We are knowledgeable about social interaction and we are well versed on how to perpetuate a conversation.  We are always seeking that “teachable moment.”  It’s like a drug, but way more addictive.  

Linda, retired from Michigan, was also a teacher. She knows the struggle, and she continues to advocate for our students and the conditions that current educators struggle with routinely. 

She looked me squarely in the eye and said, “you should be a comedian!”  I kindly thanked her for the compliment.  And then I thought, maybe Linda, retired from Michigan, was right. 

This fired me up, I told three more stories.  Career, relationships, and parenthood…these would be my topics (my comic bits). My audience agreed.  So I embellished and tweaked each real story until one man laughed so hard. I thought he was going to need a doctor.  

When I began to bloggers ago, it was personal therapy and reflection.  But what better therapy is there than laughter? And I could provide a service to others???   THIS IS MY love language–affirming words and service towards others.  

Stay tuned.  

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Let the journey continue!


Be Inspired..!!

Why are we afraid of silence?! Why does it become overwhelming when we are alone and there is no voice around?! Why do we want to keep ourselves busy all the time?! Isn’t the soul of human beings, the soul of the universe or whatever power it is that’s running the earth and its resources present in this “silence”?! Then why are we running away from something that we eventually have to become a part of?!

Well the above few lines clearly define what being alone and silence does to me. It causes chaos in my mind, it causes bewilderment! But the good part of it is that it forces me to find a reason to get over it, because hey, it’s Monday tomorrow and I have to be focused at work.

So, I figured out reason for why we are scared of silence or rather why I am (to…

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hungry and fearless and thirsty and supple …

alpha // whiskey // foxtrot

I’ll tell you a secret … I’ve been a little distracted lately.




(Which — I’ll tell you — is a very modern and grown-up kind of brokenness.)

But today, I went for a walk in the woods — something I haven’t done for months now.

I disappeared into a hole in the trees — freckled dark shade and lush underbrush. I felt alive and at peace, and when I came out, I walked home and rustled through the bookshelves until I found this little gem by Mr. Cummings (or cummings, if you like) …

It’s a poem, but today I’m saying it like a prayer… For me and for you:

e.e. cummings

May we stay hungry and fearless and thirsty and supple, always. ❤

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Two Roads …

Amazingly timely! The convergence of two roads…

There’s a high road and a low road. Their intersection reveals that they both commence at two very opposite origins. No doubt they will arrive at two very remote destinations. That intersection is all that the two have in common. That one moment in time that the two are connected…

And then there is the third road. A heavenly path! Lit by God’s sun, and not often evident unless we look closely, it is the road less traveled. Believe that it is the most direct, and yet the least sought.

We are blessed with choices. Seek ye first, the kingdom! Man made roads are distractions and less direct.

alpha // whiskey // foxtrot

I’ll tell you a secret: for a little while I’ve been standing at a crossroads. Stuck fast.

Big, hard-edged life choices have always been difficult for me, with my watery, soft-smudged way of seeing the world, and this season is no exception. The roads are diverging for me, and whichever way I choose has the potential to drastically change my future.

I don’t know, I find myself saying often.

I don’t know.


The other day I was scrolling through the photo library of my old IPhone 4S — the one that I used to start this little blog, once upon a time — and I stumbled on this photo:

Down on the greenway near Carilion, at a bend where the trail meets the river, there’s a spot where you can stand under the intersection of three bridges: the railroad trestle, the roadway, and the pedestrian bridge. I was always…

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