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I don’t OU anything!

You made a promise to me, and then you renegotiated.  But you didn’t negotiate with me…you decided to collaborate without me;  with others–anyone who was willing to listen.  You weren’t conned by the others.  You weren’t  sweet-talked by the world.  Your sister-side slipped through. You left me high and dry.  But your pockets weren’t empty, and your hands were out for more.  Somewhere along the way, you convinced yourself that somebody owed you something.  

Entitlement is a bitch!

You listened to divorced women who showed you how to take half.  You enticed married men and asked them to protect you.  You bartered your children’s stability for a support check, and you convinced your lawyer that there was hundreds of thousands in burried treasure.  

You weren’t duped!  There was nothing but a hole that you left.  You instigated rage. You preyed on others hoping that you’d become a victim of retaliation. You instigator!

Now you want to go drilling for oil!  You want a second crack at the gold mine.  But you’re sloppy…

You didn’t get what you wanted so you came back for more?

But I dont O U (anyTHING). 

Woman scorned/man reborn. Avoiding you like the plague, not giving you anything to say–only now can I see what others saw right away.  You’re a fraud!  

Words do hurt. But actions speak louder. I’ve recovered from both, but only a fool would allow you to return for an encore.  You’ve given orders, but you are shocked when your commands are ignored.  You have no power over me or any another. But your malignant words irritate. You’re an irraTANT!!
Those who advised you are now long since gone.  Even their hot messes look pale in comparison to the damage you’ve created.   The alliances you’ve formed have withdrawn.  You are all alone, just like you left me.  You are not sorry, and I’m not sorry for you.  

Think Highly of Yourself Because the World Takes You at Your Own Estimate – Unknown — The Seeds 4 Life

How highly do you think of yourself? How would you rate your current self-esteem level on a scale of 1-10? How much is that number influenced by the weight you give to other people’s opinion of you? Often, we undervalue just how much of an impact our own personal opinion of ourselves influences how other…

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I am a Bullied Teacher

We all have witnessed someone being bullied. It’s not the problem that defines us, but how we react to the problem. Today, I choose to stand up. Share this with an educator. Empathy is the first step.


Each day, I pull into the parking lot of my school and sit in my car. I do not want to go in for fear of what this day will hold. I sit in my car and pray. I pray to God that today will be a good day for my children and me. I pray that I can withstand whatever my administration throws at me. I pray that I will be able to fight back tears in staff meetings. I pray that I will not face any scrutiny on this day. I pray these prayers, because I am being bullied. Not by my co-workers. Not by my students’ parents. No. I am being bullied by those who should be providing me support…my administration.

I am a bullied teacher.

I walk into my classroom with sadness in my heart and a frown on my face. I feel this sadness because…

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The Ultimate Instruction Manual for Healthy Living

New Creations Ministries

th0BD23LIUWhy is patience such an impatient attribute to acquire?! I admit that many times I am an impulsive, impatient person but God is working with me on that. Don’t ask for patience unless you are willing to endure tribulation for “Tribulation worketh patience,” (Romans 5:3)  Praise God for my counterpart: a methodical patient husband.

I’m afraid I’ve never been one to read many instruction manuals. Too impatient. In fact my first college slogan professed: “Learn While Doing.” Perfect, I thought! Especially for someone who enjoys hands-on experience while learning.

There is only one Instruction Manual I read extensively and that’s God’s Word. God gave us the Ultimate Training Tool. Everything we need to sustain life we find within its covers!  He advises us how we can get healthier mentally, spiritually and physically.  All we must do is read and do as it says.  Sure, easy, peasy . . . riiiiggght.

But some prefer to skip…

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The Smudge

2016 is moving about quickly. The next chapter of my narrative has begun. I have forced my own hand which has caused time to morph. Is it standing still? Has it sped up? I’ve lost track of time entirely.

I overlooked the fact that lent had begun.

What sacrifice will I make? Well, what resolutions have I stuck with? It’s the change that I want to see–the person I want to be. Instead of continuously reflecting; instead of diminishing my own selfworth; instead of making it about me, I will value the relationship that I share with you. I thank God for you! When I see you, but especially when I don’t see you, I value you as God’s child. I will be less angry with the world. I will try harder to value each experience and perspective offered to me. I will practice being a better person. So when we see each other in passing in the street, at work, or in church, we will recognize God’s Love in each other.

Today, I reblog this as an example of God’s Love working constantly in our lives.


Ash Wednesday is a weird day in New York.


Because for really the first time during these blistery winter months, you actually look up andsee people.

Now, I know…that sounds bad. Like, what the heck? Who is this girl that she just goes around with her head in the clouds, not seeing people?

But it’s true. In New York, people commute –read: walkon a mission.Especially in the winter. You’re bundled up. Hunkered down. And you’re walking with purpose to get to where you need to go, as fastas possible, so you can get in out of the cold.


Or when you’re on the subway — You listen to your ear phones, look straight ahead, and try not to get in anyone’s way.

Welcome to New York.

"The Grumpy Guide To Life: Observations By Grumpy Cat" Book Launch Party


Ash Wednesday is a little different.

Because of a smudge of ash on your forehead.

Maybe it’s curiosity or…

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Redefining Lent

It is amazing how the Lord finds exciting ways to remind us that He hears our cry. This reflection is timely in my life (and I’m sure in the lives of others). We are all struggling through something right NOW, and we can remember plenty of times that He brought us through.

I am reblogging this so my friends and family can bear witness to the authors trial, and how the Lord helped her overcome her battle. Meanwhile, I take heed that He sacrificed Himself for us so that we don’t have to…




This is a rather bitter sweet time of year for me personally. Because even though it is leading up to Easter and is such a beautiful and intentional season of reflection, it also brings up a lot of pain for me.

Because you see, Lent of sophomore year in high school, was when my anorexia first began.

I gave up sweets.

Innocent enough. No desserts or sweets for 40 days. I was being a good little Catholic girl — “challenging” myself during this season of lenten fasting and penance.

But what started as that small denial, quickly spiraled into a lifestyle of extreme restriction, and the next thing I know, I had wasted away to 78 pounds, knocking on death’s door as a shell of my former existence – physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

So yeah, I look forward to Lent just about as much as I…

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Who is a MAN ? #Valentines_Edition

As a lover of women, it’s easy to ignore how men are unappreciated more and more. Perhaps it’s because as men we aren’t “bringing it” any more. I speak not only for myself, but for the women who already recognize that their efforts surpass that of their partners. Ego is important to both men and women.

The liberation has allowed men to be perceived in a different light. We haven’t strayed too far yet, but humility does not require an ego stroke.

This reblog is more for me than anyone else. I won’t try to convince you. You’ll come to your own conclusions.

I Got This

I used to think that having the same Christian beliefs with another one of God’s children immediately made us spiritually compatible. Lessons learned and faith built on more than the actions of people who are also young in their personal journey, I now know better. It is still comforting to know that I am not alone in this world. The struggle does not need to be a struggle. But pride mixed with human arrogance, distances us from our blessings. Instead of creating my own pieces, again I find myself discovering the pieces that He has careful left for us. There’s blessings in these pieces.



They’re the previous generation’s version of Angry Birds or Bejeweled.

But I must confess: I absolutely love them.

I rarely do them, because let’s be honest: every ounce of free time I have is devoted to BBB, but I do love a good puzzle.

So I make the kids I nanny for do them with me 🙂 hehe


But it’s really neat to watch the excitement in their eyes when they get a piece that fits.

Now, I’m just gonna be straight: I’ve got mad puzzle skillz. Yes, with a Z.

But I’ve done enough puzzles to know the method: edges first, then work your way in.

I know, I’m a pro 🙂 Hold the applause 😉


But kids don’t know this method.

So they’ll be like, battling exhaustively with an edge piece — or for heaven’s sake a corner piece — for like 5 minutes. So…

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