The Crime Against Children You Don’t Hear About

I’ve joined to movement. Won’t you join us?

The Chemist Tom

Here we go again, diving into another primary season here in New Jersey. Following the abysmal state of our economy under the leadership of the likes of Chris Christie, Steve Sweeney and Vincent Prieto, the state is now poised to do everything we can to maintain the status quo.

While we lag behind in the economy, pension solvency, and with a 6.5% unemployment rate (surrounded by states with at least a 1%-point gain on us) isn’t it time to ask ourselves how good our quo really is?

Currently, we’re second in education only to Massachusetts, but our public school funding formula has been mismanaged by everyone in Trenton to a tune of a $1 billion shortfall every year. We hand out more than $7 billion in corporate subsidies and we currently suck hard at maintaining a solvent economy.

Here in New Jersey,the teachers and staff of our school…

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