Stop Hiding

originally published on October 13, 2013 at 9:20pm

after resting with the breeze blowing through my bedroom

after the whole day passing me by

after going through the Sunday motions

after praising

after shopping for the evening’s nourishment

after allowing the kids to have their private time

after I slipped into a blissful snooze

I awoke.

I decided to take the kids out to shoot some hoops in the yard for the remaining 10 minutes before dusk.

we played

we laughed

we taught our old dog some new tricks

we ran

we took some pictures

and just after I sent the kids inside to clean up for dinner

I said

let me put some things out of sight

I turned my back to the dog who was playfully laying on his back

I turned my back to the house where the lights glowed amidst the rustic back woods

I turned my back to yesterday’s worries

While my back was turned

The dog ran off

leash and all

the kids heard me calling for the dog

they came out to help

but he did not come back

I walked the yard and it’s surroundings

I took to the path that the dog knows well

but it was dark, too dark to bring others

but too dark to go alone

I could barely see

my feet knew the route

I figured that I would at least try

I had nothing to loose

each second the wooded path was more faint

branches scratching my face

wooded landmarks were all I had

those…and my faith

within minutes I reached the end of the path

a familiar place where I’d hidden my treasures

a place that no one else lurked

but a place I’d chosen to keep things safe

last week’s storm had taken out some trees

pushed over from top to root

no one would have otherwises noticed or cared

but for me it was remarkable

but for me it was mentionable

but for me it was once a place where I felt safe

crushed by the fallen tree

just like the other hiding spot was

crushed by the fallen tree

and I realized that no hiding place was safe

no hidding place was hidden enough

there’s no hidding from the world

and there’s no hiding place from Him

I walked a little bit farther

calling out for my dog

I grew weary

the night grew closer

and off in the distance I found him

I found Him

He was still

and so was I

nothing was said

we walked back together


in the dark

and I was content

the he was found

but then I realized that

he was never lost


he was hiding

just as I had been hiding

and I was glad that I had realized

that there was no reason to hide


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