Kick Rocks


This may not be about you. But this is FOR you. 

Every one of us knows someone to whom this verse applies. Either you know that person or you ARE that person. 

They warned me about you. And yet I welcomed your ideas. I invited your friendship. I trusted you. I offered my confidence. I gave of myself earnestly.

I listened. I considered your unsolicited advice. I watched you mentor others. I valued you as a professional and as a passionate human being. 

The people you were warning me about were warning me about you! But I waited to see how dynamic you were.  

But I didn’t make excuses for you when you made bad decisions. I didn’t run away either. I waited to see your humility. Your humanity. Your Dignity. Witty charm or false confidence. I wanted to see what you were made of.  
I projected all that I held to be decent and true…into you. And you let me down….because you were you.  
You are not accountable to me. You’re barely accountable to yourself. You are a disappointment to anyone who put more value into you than you are worth. Whereas my own humanity tells me that all people are innately good, somewhere along the way you found experiences to blame for your distemper.  


Who are you? You are my mentor. My role model. My supervisor. My principal. My superintendent. My mayor. My freeholder. My assemblyman. My governor.  

You are my lover. My wife. My friend. My sister.   

You’re my mother, my brother, my long lost uncle…

I don’t know you. And yet I’m supposed to trust you?! Everything that I’ve learned about you is from the complaints of others and my limited exposure to your bad mistakes. Were my observations delusional?

But I know you won’t take it personal. After all, thousands of people rely on the decisions that you make. We even trusted you with our votes of good faith. We entrusted you with our hard earned revenue. And more importantly than all of that, we’ve entrusted you with our future.  

Kick Rocks!  


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