No One Knowin’

At the risk of sounding redundant, no one knowin’ somethin’ knows as much about nuthin’ than anyone else.

The news changes from day to day. The circumstances don’t change as much as how the story is reported.

Last week, less than half of the adult population had received at least one dose of the Covid vaccination. The demand has stalled. Unused doses are spoiling. FEMA is shutting down its free clinics. Pharmacies are inviting the public to walk in without appointments. Everyone who wanted one got one!

What does this mean? This means that more than half of the adult population refuses to get the vaccination (thus far). Many have not disclosed their reason for waiting. Could it be mistrust? Reluctance? Fear? Lack of information? No matter what the reason, it will take a revelation to move them to change their position.

Now it’s time to offer the vaccination to children too. This will increase the number of people safe from the virus, right?

FDA approval to administer the vaccination to children will only marginally improve the statistics. Let’s just suppose that only half of the entire population has children under the age of 18. With only half of the population favoring inoculation, only half of all children will be vaccinated (if it’s not mandated). But if their parents have refused for themselves, they are not likely to allow their own children to be vaccinated. The data does not support meeting the goal of achieving herd immunity (70%). It would require ALL children to be vaccinated.

So the policy makers, scientists, doctors, and media makers must alter their approach. The conversation changes over a weekend. Incentives! Rewards! Open EVERYTHING (but still require masks)!

Within 72 hours, the nation reversed all of the safety mandates put in place over a year ago (except for mask mandates and social distancing). In the same newscast, reports of a record death toll in India has forced travel restrictions from Asia (again). Domestically, a 22% increase in juvenile infections can be linked to eased restrictions in schools. There are hints that the current inoculations may require annual boosters (which speaks to ineffectiveness of the initial inoculation).

For the sake of preserving national pastimes, proms and graduations may now be scheduled. Everything will resume in time for the 4th of July, nay even sooner! Memorial Day, the day we honor those who died for our country, will now be the day that the pandemic survivors can risk all that they fought so hard to preserve (said with mild cynicism).

The conversation changed just THAT quick. FREEDOM is offered up as the highest reward for months of restrictions, oppression, and imprisonment. Ironically, some of those who were incarcerated were set free while those who were already free were asked to lock themselves in their homes. FREEDOM (not death) is the ultimate sacrifice and FREEDOM (not death) is the ultimate reward.

American savings bonds were offered as incentives in the backcountry. Free beer coupons were offered “downtown” as rewards to anyone who has not yet decided to be vaccinated. Restaurants, movie theaters, and sporting events are suddenly available to celebrate our perceived victory from the pandemic. And everyone is invited! The vaccinated and the anti-vaxers, the quarantined and the asymptomatic, the survivors and the mourners; the safe and the vulnerable—can now all come together and rejoice! All anyone has to do to join in the fun is wear a mask and wash their hands.

It’s just a little suspect.

The cynics are repelled by the manipulation. It’s the manipulation—to do something (that half the population has deemed) essential to our collective survival—that has stalled progress. It’s cyclical. The manipulation fuels this mistrust. The failed policies have dissolved confidence. The dissolved confidence has resulted in the creative thinking. It’s the lack of effective arguments that has spawned the manipulation.

We don’t know how the next weeks will turn out. One thing is certain. Those who haven’t been vaccinated will not be moved by incentives, promises of unrestricted movement, or sudden changes in “effectiveness.” The same level of emotion and caution at the beginning of the pandemic is preventing a happy ending.

We are witnessing a battle between mankind and nature. Are we so arrogant to think that mankind will continuously pervert nature (they way mankind manipulates itself) and expect positive results? A natural declination to accept potentially dangerous implications is in fact mankind emulating nature. Sadly even adaptation and intuition can not ensure that evolution will occur. The forces of nature will prevail.

No one knowin’ somethin’ knows as much about nuthin’ than anyone else.

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